5 Personalities Who Aced the Style Game at Harry Styles’ Concert

5 Personalities Who Aced the Style Game at Harry Styles’ Concert

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From eccentric prints and bold colors to daring accessories and vibrant makeup looks, these style enthusiasts turned the concert grounds into a fashion playground

Maximalism, quirky style statement, gender-bending, and modern—it’s clear that Filipino concert-goers understood this fashion memo, inspired by the style trendsetter himself, Harry Styles. Spotted among the fashionable crowd were some of your favorite online personalities, donning outfits that were curated to impress. Whether it was Rei Germar’s vibrant pink look or Marj Maroket’s vintage coordinates, the result was a sea of main character-worthy outfits, proving to us that anything less just wouldn’t cut it. 

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Rei Germar

When bigger is better, Rei Germar is sure to deliver. On the concert grounds with her friends, Rei Germar expressed her love for Harry Styles in a chic pink ensemble that was also elevated with a sultry element. She opted to wear a bodycon dress, a cropped jacket with massive faux fur sleeves, and a cowboy hat. And to finish all the pink flair, she added a red belt with embellished crystals. 

Rei Germar at Harry Styles Love On Tour Manila 2023
Photo Credit: @reigermar (via Instagram)

Ella Pangilinan  

Despite admitting that she planned her outfit at the last minute, Ella Pangilinan still perfectly curated an interesting combination of flared pants with graphic prints and a tube top in pastel blue. Her look really meant extra as she added a statement denim jacket with hints of orange and hot pink.  

Ashley Sandrine Yap

Ashley Yap’s concert look was a sartorial delight, serving up a playful mix of her signature sleek aesthetic and abstract print. Sporting a bandana top that accentuated her toned abs, she paired it with pink trousers that brought a pop of color to the ensemble. The combination of her outfit spoke volumes about her fashion-forward sensibility, while the signature pink hue paid homage to the iconic pink from Harry Styles’ recent fits. 

Marj Maroket

The print-on-print coordinated fit was keeping with the theme of the night. Although many chose to adorn this vintage vibe, it is clear that Marj Maroket’s look deserves attention. With a nod to Harry’s fearless approach to vintage, the beauty influencer came in attendance clad in unique prints in blue and pink hues. But like any classic Harrie, Marj did not stop there and wore a classic pink tank top, adding a playful and contemporary element to the fit. 

Belle Mariano

Without a doubt, Belle Mariano is sure to own her title as the style trendsetter of her generation. At the concert, she was an ethereal vision—and it wasn’t just because of Donny Pangilinan by her side. She was positively glowing in an iridescent fit. Though her look may have lacked prints, it was still a sight to remember because of its shimmering quality that caught the light at every angle. With her effortless elegance, Belle Mariano still stood out in a sea of bold prints and flashy outfits.

Belle Mariano and Donny Pangilinan at Harry Styles Love On Tour Manila 2023
Photo Credit: @livesmart (via Instagram)

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