5 Olympians Sporting OMEGA Watches In The Tokyo 2020 Paralympics
5 Olympians Sporting OMEGA Timepieces During The Tokyo 2020 Paralympics

5 Olympians Sporting OMEGA Timepieces During The Tokyo 2020 Paralympics

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Make haste slowly with OMEGA at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics as they record each passing winning moment.

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Swiss brand, OMEGA, has continued their role as the Official Timekeeper in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games. In the event, a whopping 4,000 talented athletes from across the globe are competing for the gold. They will be recording the split second races, winning laps, and victorious speed runs. It takes one of the best timekeeping companies to set the pace for historic events such as the Olympics. And, it won’t be their first time doing it. OMEGA has a long relationship with the Olympics and their athletes. The first time they partnered with the global organization was in the 1932 Olympic Games held in Los Angeles, California. Since then, they’ve supported hundreds of athletes from the around the globe. These athletes have carried the name of OMEGA in all of their matches through sportsmanship and camaraderie. Meet the five athletes who will be doing just that in 2020 Tokyo Paralympics.

Mondo Duplantis
Swedish-American pole vault record holder
21-year-old Olympian, Mondo Duplantis, may be one of the youngest in his sport, but that doesn’t stop him from going for gold. This pole vaulter currently holds the current world indoor record with a height of 6.18 meters.

Noah Lyles
American Track Star
24-year-old Olympian, Noah Lyles, is faster than time. He is the current world champion and the Olympic bronze medalist of 200m in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. His photo-finish winning sprint was captured by OMEGA.

Chad le Clos
South African Swimmer
29-year-old Olympian, Chad le Clos, is a winner in three prestigious swimming competitions. He came out as champion in the Olympic, World, and Commonwealth Games.

Rory McIlroy
Irish Olympic Golfer
32-year-old Olympian, Rory McIlroy, is more than just Tiger Wood’s best friend. He is a former world number one in the Official World Golf Ranking. He has also won first place a couple of times in the European and PGA Tours.

Dalilah Muhammad
American Track & Field Athlete
31-year-old Olympian, Delilah Muhammad, was dubbed by OMEGA as one of the world’s fastest women. This track star can jump over any hurdle– literally and figuratively. She specializes in the 400 meters hurdles and won champion in the 2016 Rio Olympics.