5 Memorable Collections During Men’s Fashion Week Fall 2021

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These heritage brands made sure to showcase their newest menswear collections that will forever be ingrained in our minds, regardless if we weren’t physically present.

Fall has always been a favorite season of mine, simply because it has this perfect balance of not too cold and not too hot. But apart from the temperature, the colors of one’s surroundings suddenly looks very rustic—a laid-back vibe that makes us want to unwind from the fast-paced lifestyle we’re now used to.

Now, if you’ll at it closely, this goes the same for fashion. During the fall season, we don’t just wear plain boring tees—lest we freeze to death—or a five-layer fit making it a portable sauna wherever we go. Instead, we just put on two to three layers of clothes, which allows us to properly express our sartorial side based on the #streetstyle posts we see on our Instagram explore feed.

And while there has been an absence of new street style photos due to the pandemic, this time, the runways will have to be the only source of where we can draw our next outfit inspirations. So, as men’s fashion week fall 2021 came to a close a few weeks ago, we compile five of the most memorable designer shows that caught our attention which we believe would set the style trend in the coming months.

Louis Vuitton

Menswear Fall 2021

Virgil Abloh checks all the right boxes for his Fall 2021 offering for Louis Vuitton. The choice of the color green was a refreshing choice and was exactly what our eyes need after such a difficult year. But much like a true purveyor of style, he opted against Pantone’s colors of the year. The inclusion of metallic details in the garments and the now-iconic logo briefcase was smart and gave a cold feeling, which painted the world’s current situation. The narrative takes us back to a place that we are familiar with: fast-paced, agile, busy, noisy, and always moving forward. Virgil wasn’t designed for one kind of man, he was inclusive. You can be classic, quirky, soft, hard, African, Asia, American, European, and still find all those references in the textures clothes.


Menswear Fall 2021

It seems like Véronique Nichanian has never failed to deliver a collection that is true to the philosophy of Hermes. Upon seeing the pieces on our screens, it silently evokes this aura of luxuriousness. But what’s truly refreshing to witness in this show is how she veered from the quintessential palate of the fall/winter season. Gone are the neutrals, because she welcomed a gorgeous burst of colors—from red, pink, yellow, and many more. In addition, the storied French house impeccably married soft tailoring, elevated workwear, and luxe sportswear alike with the ease of loungewear, making it the perfect clothing to wear whether you’re working from home or suddenly needs to report back to the office. 


While creatives would always draw their inspirations from their surroundings, sometimes they tend to forget that their experiences can also become their best inspirations for their craft. And this is exactly what Jonathan Anderson proved to us when he presented Loewe’s Menswear Fall 2021 collection. He surprised everyone when he dispatched a “show in a book.” It’s a cloth-covered compilation of comics, collages, and graphics by Joe Brainard, which became the focal point of this season’s pieces. Thus, much like any art, the collection became his canvas—from popcorn doodles, leather bondages, to giant cardigans. His mixture of 70s subculture tropes and updated streetwear style is definitely for the books.


Menswear Fall 2021

When Prada made an industry-breaking news last February 2020 with Miuccia Prada sharing “creative input and decision making” with Raf Simons, we knew we’ll be in for a treat. Fast forward a year later, all we can say is they sure didn’t. The dynamic duo made a powerful case on the long johns, playing with tactile textures and color juxtapositions. After all, Mrs. Prada herself already said that the main function of the long johns was to provide juxtaposition—from the rounded shapes of the coats and jackets, to a contrasting pattern or fuzzy texture. Because of this, the two genius designers were able to perfectly highlight the versatility of such clothing, proving it could look “romantic, sexy, playful, or childlike.”


Menswear Fall 2021

The thing about TODs is how it managed to remain its brand very timeless. Upon looking at its pieces, you know that there is a rich history behind the brilliant craftsmanship of it. And this season, Walter Chiapponi once more shows how he has impressively showed the strength of the storied Italian house. Adjusting to the so-called new normal, the creative director entrusted Italian heartthrob Lorenzo Zurzolo of Netflix’s Baby fame to star in Tod’s Fall collection’s short film. Featuring classic outdoor pieces, it was infused with a country gentleman’s flair for practicality and comfort. Although, one will still feel that there’s this subtle hint of sensuality mixed with an energized ‘70s youthful vibe. After all, he admitted it himself: “I want something soulful, un poco eccentrico, and free.”