5 Streetwear Influencers Who Have The Wildest Sneaker Collections
5 Filipino Streetwear Influencers Who Have The Wildest Sneaker Collections

5 Filipino Streetwear Influencers Who Have The Wildest Sneaker Collections

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These Filipino sneaker influencers are proud owners of many holy grail sneakers. Find out who they are they are and how they style their kicks.

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Sneaker collecting is a sport. You’ve got to hone your skills in finding the best deals at the best price. Plus, you’ve got to train yourself to be able to withstand reservation lists, sneaker raffles, and camp outs. With the rise of streetwear in the fashion scene, more and more female Filipino sneaker influencers are sharing their fire fits. You’d be amazed at the unbelievable kicks they’ve been able to snag: Jordans, Yeezys, 57/40s, Air Force 1s, and everything in between. More than just showing off their drip, these influencers even share their style secrets to those who want to start collecting sneakers.

If you’ve ever thought about collecting sneakers, now is the best time to do so. Athleisure, streetwear, and casual wear in general are on a rise due to the ongoing pandemic. Thus, there’s a higher demand for sneakers than any other footwear. On top of this, they have a huge resale value. Just look at the Jordan 1 Retro Manila edition. If you know, you know. Take it from these sneaker loving ladies.

1. Rachelle Ruth
This streetwear influencer loves to mix sweet and spicy in her looks. She can make any boyish outfit femme with her personal style. The young influencer loves sharing her collection on TikTok.

2. Rhea Bue

If you’re looking for an expert, look no further. Rhea Bue collects sneakers with her boyfriend, Jeff Ong. Together they’ve acquired quite the collection. They’ve even created a sneaker wall in their home.

3. Nika Higashionna

Cool girl and Nika Higashionna are synonymous. This influencer exudes a special type of confidence when in her streetwear swag that is aspirational for all sneaker lovers everywhere.

4. Rei Germar

Former MEGAStyle cover star, Rei Germar, is a huge fan of designer sneakers. She’s got kicks from Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, and more. The lifestyle influencer loves spicing up her looks with designer pieces.

5. Ashley Sandrine

You might not think that Ashley Sandrine is a sneaker collector from the get-go, but she definitely is. She just has a particular type. The influencer loves getting sneakers in neutral tones that perfectly fit her aesthetic.