5 Fashion Trends Of Princess Diana That Are Still Trending Today

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While we’re about to enter a whole new year again with new style offerings, we can’t deny that some fashion trends of Princess Diana are still very much alive and trending in this day and age, proving she’s the true royal style icon.

As season 4 of The Crown recently dropped on Netflix, especially that the Charles and Diana royal saga weighed heavy this season, many avid royal fans tuned in from all over the world. The show revisited the most iconic engagements of the royal couple—from their first meeting, the royal wedding, Australian tour, to parenthood.

So, as the plot revolved around those very momentous occasions, the costume department also made it a point to flawlessly recreate the most iconic looks of Lady Diana. But as we’ve finally settled the brilliance of the producing replicas of her looks, we now delve into the very fashion trends that the late princess made famous on a global scale.

Biker Shorts

The biker shorts trend caused quite the stir when they first hit the runway again a few years back. We’ve seen our social media timeline being peppered with fashion girls all over the world embracing the controversial trend. But before this was revived, it can all be traced back to how Princess Diana often wore it when taking a stroll.

Oversized Boyfriend Blazer

Princess Diana Fashion Trends

The oversized blazer trend isn’t going anywhere, because honestly, blazers aren’t just for the office anymore. It can be worn wherever you plan to go as it is now part of the so-called “off-duty model look.” In fact, this trend that the late princess fancied back decades back is being copped by many celebrities such as supermodels Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner.

Puff Sleeves

Princess Diana Fashion Trends

Being in a tropical country like the Philippines, we’re fond of wearing clothes that are easy, light, and loose. So, puff-sleeved tops are easily one of the favorite style go-tos in the country. In fact, it has already presented itself in many variations: the balloon, the bishop, and so on. Whether you shop designer or on the high street, there’s just no escaping them—even if you’re a princess.

Statement Bows

If you’ve been following many Filipino fashion designers, you’ve probably noticed how many designers are starting to incorporate statement bows in their dresses. Whether it’s to cinch the waist, used as a shoulder strap, or simply a long train, incorporating it in designs have become a staple in the fashion scene. And perhaps we can thank Princess Diana for making larger-than-life bows become abundantly trés chic.

Peter Pan Collar

Princess Diana Fashion Trends

Peter Pan statement collars are everywhere this holiday season, and it’s here to stay. Neckline trends have suddenly appeared in many looks, which countless personalities are once more trying. As a matter of fact, we’ve seen Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton wearing a peter pan collar, a famous fashion trend of Princess Diana back in the 80s.