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5 Dance Classes That Will Make You Forget You’re Working Out

5 Dance Classes That Will Make You Forget You’re Working Out

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Sometimes you just gotta kick off your Sunday shoes! Dance your quarantine woes away in 5 fun-filled classes you can do from your home.

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Dance is a therapeutic experience. It can help you release pent up aggression, stress, and even body image issues. It can very well relieve stress on its own. These are statements that carried the American Music Therapy Association‘s research on how dancing can be a cathartic experience for their patients. The combination of music and movement makes dance one of the most powerful mood boosters. And, if there’s one thing we definitely need during a pandemic, it’s a mood booster.

At first thought, you may think dance is not the solution to filling up all the empty hours ahead. It may not even be a better alternative to your current overdone workout routine. But, maybe, it’s because you haven’t found the right dance class for you. Besides, Zumba isn’t the only dance class out there. You’ve got so much more options available. Find out which dance class may be your silver lining by reading on.

Adult Ballet
It’s time to pick up those ballet lessons you had when you were in Pre-K. Adult Ballet is a popular exercise done by Alexa Chung, Adriana Lima, Dakota Johnson, and so many more celebrities. The best part about taking Adult Ballet is getting to wear those dainty outfits.

Tiktok Dance Compilation
You won’t need to record any Tiktoks to do this dance. The Tiktok Dance Compilation workout is basically a combination of your favorite songs on Tiktok made into a dance routine. So, you’ll be dancing your renegades and Doja Cat Tiktoks in one fun-filled session.

Now that Pose is back for Season 3, I’m sure we’re all taking Voguing out for a spin again. It’s a good thing many content creators have made their own Voguing classes available on YouTube. When we get back on the dance floor, you’ll be able to bring out moves nobody has seen since 1984.

K-Pop Dance Tutorial
Are you a certified Army? How ’bout a Blink? Whichever K-Pop group you stan, there is definitely a dance tutorial you can find online to mimic your favorite idols. The best part is these tutorials come out in less than a week when a new song gets released, so you’ll always have something new to dance to.

Jazz Dance
Thinking about Tap Classes? Take Jazz out for a spin. They may not be exactly alike, but they do have their similarities in hand movements and overall pizzaz. Plus, you can even wear nice 50s collared dress while busting out your La La Land moves.