4 Premium Dishes Perfect To Satisfy Your Holiday Indulgence - Features
4 Premium Dishes Perfect To Satisfy Your Holiday Indulgence

4 Premium Dishes Perfect To Satisfy Your Holiday Indulgence

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With the Holidays coming up, we can’t help but daydream how a perfect party should go. With the right people, at the right place and time, any gathering can turn into something special. But what’s a party without a scrumptious spread everyone will love? We all would love to indulge in savory dishes that will completely satisfy anybody’s cravings. If you’re in the hunt for the richest flavors to be served on your holiday feasts, here are 4 premium dishes from Italianni’s that might just be perfect for your Holiday cravings.

Italliani's Roasted Porchetta | MEGA

Roasted Porchetta

Mouth-watering at first sight—this premium dish is bursting with flavor. The skin is crispy with every slice and bite, perfect with the tender herb-infused meat. It’s served with savory garlic rice and a special creamy mushroom sauce on the side.

Italliani's USDA Ribeye Steak | MEGA

USDA Ribeye Steak

Experience deep flavors in a 10-ounce fine-grained beef steak cut. Considered to be the most flavorful of all beef steak cuts, the USDA Ribeye will make you crave for more with every bite that melts in the mouth.

Italliani's Baked Parrot Fish | MEGA

Baked Parrot Fish

Go light with baked parrot fish lightly seasoned with just the right amount of salt and pepper. This dish, far lighter than the pork and beef dishes, is served with a creamy caper dill seafood sauce and herb potatoes.

Italliani's Seafood Stew | MEGA

Seafood Stew

This dish is a feast of all the seafood you could think of—shrimps, calamari, clams, dory fillet, Chilean mussels. And just when you thought you’ve already had enough seafood for one dish, it is also served in Cioppino sauce with garlic Tuscan bread on the side.

With each dish’s bursting flavor, your holiday feast will surely be a blast at Italianni’s. For updates and more information, visit their website and Facebook page, and follow them on Instagram @italiannisph.

Photos from Italianni’s