4 Foolproof Ways to Make You Smell Good All Day

Nothing makes a lasting impression better than a balmy fragrance.

As you walk into a room, you can turn heads with just a whiff of your scent and leave a trace of exquisite aroma hanging in the air. But a simple spritz of your favorite perfume isn’t enough to make it last all day. If you want your fragrance to last from sunup to sundown, you have to apply it correctly and take extra steps to ensure it clings to you longer.

Don’t rub your perfume

Most people think that rubbing their perfume on their wrists makes it last longer. But in reality, it only decreases the longevity of the top notes and alters the scent immediately. Just dab it on and remember to put a little bit of petroleum jelly on your wrists beforehand to help it stay.

Spray perfume on your pulse points

Perfume reacts better with heat, so spraying it on your pulse points releases the scents more effectively throughout the day. Target your wrists, nape, neck, back of your knees, inside of your elbows, and below your midriff for a lasting bouquet.

Use products with the same scent

From your shower gel, lotion, and perfume, it’s best to use the same scent to infuse the natural oils of your skin with your preferred scent. Scentence’s Acidic Green range of products include a sorbet, salt scrub shampoo, and even a sun stick of the same scent: a bitter orange blossom concoction that leaves a sweet honeyed essence from your hair to toes.

Consider using scented hair oil

Our hair easily catches different scents because of its oily nature. Keep unwanted aromas at bay and maintain a pleasant-smelling mane with an ambrosial hair oil from Scentence. The Black Saphir hair oil is infused with extracts of calendula flower, European peony, and hibiscus to lace your tresses with hints of flora all day long.

Leave a delightful trail wherever you go and enhance your skin with organic products from Scentence.

Scentence is available on BeautyMNL and at Robinsons Department Stores Beauty Section (Robinsons Place Manila and Robinsons Galleria)

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