Two Is Better Than One: 3 Things with Two Essentials That Every Girl Needs

The saying “two is better than one” is more relevant now than ever. The lifestyles of girls today are twice as demanding as before, and they are always looking out for things that can make life easier by providing convenience and function with two assets in one package. From makeup to technology, here are some two-in-one favorites every girl needs in her life:

  1. Highlight and Contour Palette

A little bit of shimmer and sculpt can go a long way in a girl’s day. Having both makeup necessities in one convenient palette makes for an easy pick-me-up even when on the go. Just dab a finger in each palette, swipe the pigment above and beneath the cheekbones, and voila!

  1. Mirror and Powerbank

Keeping makeup intact while juicing up a smartphone are tasks that can be handled by one gadget. The LED light accompanying the mirror provides the perfect lighting for touch-ups on the go, and gadgets can also be plugged in the compact mirror’s body for more power.

  1. Dual Display Smartphone

Most girls today have different needs in technology, so they have two different smartphones with them always. But with the technological advances available today, it should come as no surprise that following the three-camera trend, the dual-display trend will arise. At the helm of this innovative change is none other than global smartphone brand Vivo with their new Vivo NEX series. Sporting a 6.39-inch Super AMOLED Ultra FullView™ Display at the front and a sleek 5.49-inch Super AMOLED display at the back, the Vivo NEX is truly pushing the boundaries of smartphone innovation and design. To add to the fun, the unique smartphone is equipped with three cameras at the rear—a 12 MP Dual-Pixel main camera, a specialized Night Video Camera, and a Time of Flight 3D Camera. These cameras come with photography functions unique to the dual display of the phone, including the Mirror Mode which lets users see themselves in the rear display, and the Pose Director which can display poses as reference for imitation while being photographed or filmed.
Stay two steps ahead with these two-in-one essentials every girl needs.
For inquiries about Vivo, visit the Vivo website or check out their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts.

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