The Top Three Things James Reid Likes Taking Photos Of

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The three things James Reid likes taking photos of will make you go, “Same!”

We have to admit: James Reid’s IG feed is total goals. He knows exactly the right photos to post and just about the right theme to follow. If you follow him, you might find yourself constantly double tapping on his posts. But would you have noticed the three things he absolutely loves taking photos of?
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From photos of him to friends and, of course, Nadine, James’ feed is filled with just the right amount of memories and also really good music. He constantly plays on colors and is not afraid to challenge patterns. So in an exclusive interview, we took the opportunity to ask him about all the things he likes to take photos of. And surely, they couldn’t be more relatable.


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As a traveler, James admits to his love of breathtaking sceneries and what better way to keep them in your memory than to take photos of them!

Night Time

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Whether if it’s hanging out with friends or just chilling with bae, James adores recollecting night time memories. And to take only the best photos, he plays with the camera’s shutter speed!

The Squad

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You would get a glimpse of his squad’s activities on Instagram. In his updates, we see his friends going crazy things and James spills that he loves taking photos of them. Now that’s #SquadGoals!
Want to hear it from James himself? Check out the video below for more!