3 Local Wellness Brands To Add To Your Sustainable Everyday Routine

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Affordable and accessible, you can easily make the switch to a more sustainable lifestyle with these local brands.

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As we become more aware of the climate crisis and start to hold accountable company giants for being the biggest contributors, we also must continue playing our part. Every day we make choices that can affect the environment and there’s a lot more we can do than eliminating plastic straws to make the future greener. By choosing to become a responsible consumer, we also choose to live better for ourselves, the world, and the next generation to come and thankfully, several local wellness companies are on the same page. Here are 3 sustainable alternatives to jumpstart your eco-friendly journey.

Biodegradable Period Pads by Nala Women 

Price: P195 per box of 10 pads

According to research, one person who menstruates uses an estimate of 108 to 504 menstrual products in a year which makes 187 extra pounds of waste created throughout one’s lifetime. Alongside, the additional pink tax that women pay for these single use products, it can can greatly cost us and the environment. But with Nala Women, a local sanitary brand this doesn’t have to be the case. With their chemical-free, 100% organic cotton pads, pantyliners, and tampons, they offer the only biodegradable feminine products in the market. Made with corn-starch biodegradable wrappers, it cuts down the 500-800 years that it takes for a traditional pad to biodegrade to just 3 years. Tried and tested even for those heavy flow days, it’s leak-proof and provides a comfortable wear because of its certified-hypoallergenic top sheet. So say goodbye even to those pesky rashes and irritation every month.

Check out their monthly subscriptions that delivers your monthly needs right to your doorstep and a “Pledge A Pad” campaign that aims to uplift & provide for those affected by Period Poverty. By purchasing a sanitary pad box (P195) from the campaign, Nala Woman and their partners will distribute it to those in need on your behalf. 

Now available at nalawoman.ph

Refillable Shampoo and Body Wash by Nanu (Nature’s Nutrients)

Price: P499 per 500ml bottle and P918 per bundle

Think about all the shampoo and body wash bottles you toss in the bin each year and even when you try to reuse them for other things, you still end up with more than what you need. To end this cycle, try out Nanu’s zero-waste bottle return process. A local brand that provides personal care products in aluminum bottles that you can freely ship back to be recycled.

They offer a range of shampoos, body washes, and lotions that are all-natural, non-toxic, and made with organic ingredients that’s also safe for pregnant women and babies. They adhere to FDA an approved sanitation process that ensures all of their bottles are cleaned and quality checked before they go back into the market.

Check out their zero-waste process at nanuph.com

Eco-friendly Hygiene Products by Suds Sustainable Pods

Price: P299 for 10 refills of antibacterial handwash or cleaner pods

Personal hygiene and household brand, Suds Sustainable Pods offers handwash and cleansers that are packaged in a water-soluble film that’s biodegradable, eco-friendly, and waste-free. We all have a habit of watering down our soaps to make it last longer but with Suds, simply pop one pod into a 500ml container and it’s enough.

Especially during a pandemic, wherein we constantly disinfect ourselves and everything we touch, this helps reduce plastic waste while providing a sustainable alternative to effectively clean and eliminate dirt and bacteria.

To learn more, head to sudssustainablepods.com