Top 3 Beauty Looks From Paradise Rising's semilucent Mixtape
3 Beauty Looks From Paradise Rising’s Semilucent That We’re Still Thinking About Until Now

3 Beauty Looks From Paradise Rising’s Semilucent That We’re Still Thinking About Until Now

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Paradise Rising stars, Leila Alcasid, Kiana V, and Jason Dhakal, showcase stunning beauty looks in their latest music videos for semilucent.

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Joji, Rich Brian, NIKI, and so much more are the wonderful talents of 88rising. But, did you know that their sister label, PARADISE RISING, isn’t so far from home? Earlier this year, the Filipino label, PARADISE RISING, launched their first mixtape called, semilucent. The tape featured five local artists, namely: Kiana V, Massiah, Jason Dhakal, Fern., and Leila Alcasid. In the collaboration, each of the artists showcased their individualistic styles in separate music videos. Despite their differences, their unified message was loud and clear: Pinoy Pride.

In addition to the groove of the music, the visuals were stunning, as well. The cinematography and artistic direction of the videos are a testament to the evolution of Filipino music videos. Nonetheless, all stars were able to deliver, but three particular talents showcased their fresh forward take on make-up. Check out these glamorous, yet minimalistic looks by Leila, Kiana, and Jason.

Leila Alcasid in Clouds 

leila alcasid, makeup, clouds

Make no mistake, most of Leila Alcasid’s video was in the dark. To our surprise, this setting turned out to be the best venue for her beauty to shine. In the video, she donned a bold metallic liner that glimmered every time the light passed its way. The look was befitting to the context of her song and the overall concept. Undoubtedly, it was a moment for Leila.

Kiana V in Safe Place

Kiana V’s glowing skin was the focal point of her beauty look. She downplayed on products, but turned up on overall impact. Moreover, the look featured her natural curls, a semi-glossy lid, and her signature mauve lips. Aside from this, she wore a flushed-face of blush, which is a re-occurring trend in the runway. As seen on the shows of Ralph Lauren, Oscar de la Renta, Marc Jacobs, and more.

Jason Dhakal in Endlessly + Tenderly

R&B singer-songwriter, Jason Dhakal, gave a stunning performance as he combined fashion, future, and fearlessness in his video. His make-up look was a beautiful mess in an ocean of emotion. Literally, he was singing on water. The look featured a pale dripped look with glitter covering Dhakal’s whole body. The glitter was embedded on his skin in a subtle way, which is what it did exactly.