13 Characters That Remind Us Of Quarantine And Social Distancing
13 Characters That Remind Us Of Quarantine And Social Distancing

13 Characters That Remind Us Of Quarantine And Social Distancing

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Practicing social distancing and being in quarantine are some of the strong points of these series and movie characters. Wondering what to watch next? Here are the ones that we can surely relate to at the moment. 

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If this is the first time you’ve stayed at home for this long, thinking of what to do next, and what comes after can (and will) drive you crazy. With thousands of good movies and series to binge-watch, you can definitely rely on streaming apps to be your best friend for a few more days, especially now that we’ve listed another round of film recommendations. Take it from these series and movie characters who have been spending the majority of the time of their lives in confinement, and learn a thing or two on how to navigate a state of stillness, forced or otherwise. Do we just sit by the window, stroking our hair, and wonder when will life begin or do we toe the line of safety and desire? Whatever the way the pendulum swings, here are a few movies that will definitely keep you distracted—for the time being.


Rapunzel of Tangled

It looks like one of our favorite Disney princess have mastered the game of staying at home. In Rapunzel’s song, “So I read a book, maybe two or three. I’ll add a mural painting to my gallery. I’ll play guitar and knit and cooking, basically.” She does all of these and more on repeat, every day. You may not have the chance to paint murals on your walls or brush the longest hair when you’re bored, but why not do puzzles, darts, and baking like she does? Just make sure to practice social distancing one a prince charming barges in. (Oddly enough, did you know that the kingdom the film is set in—drum roll—Corona? Coincidence? Hmmm.)


Elsa and Anna of Frozen I

When Anna sang: “Who knew we owned eight thousand salad plates. For years I’ve roamed these empty halls, why have a ballroom with no balls?” you know someone has been staying at home for too long, especially since starting to notice random things. While we are left in the safety of our abodes, we are assured by the fact that once this quarantine is lifted and Covid-19 is thwarted, we can duet with Anna on “‘Cause for the first time in forever, there’ll be music. There’ll be light.” However, in the meantime, you got to strictly listen to Elsa: don’t let them in, don’t let them see, and be the good girl you always have to be.


Maddy Whittier of Everything, Everything

From the best-selling book Everything, Everything, the character of Maddy Whittier was diagnosed with Severe Combined Immunodeficiency (SCID). Thus, her mother prevents her from stepping outside their house interacting with other people aside from her and her nurse. Not until a cute guy of the same age moved next door and they started communicating by watching each other through windows and sharing text messages. Will we pick up a lesson from her or are we just submitting ourselves to a cry fest one afternoon? We are putting our bet on both.


Katie Price of Midnight Sun

While Katie Price’s rare illness worsens whenever she catches some sunlight, it prohibits her from going out. As her severe sensitivity to sun pushes her to stay indoors, she spends most of her time honing a deep-rooted talent—making music, which eventually captured some guy’s attention and affection.

Stella Grant and Will Newman of Five Feet Apart

While we are ordered to keep a safe physical distance to avoid getting infected from viruses, CF patients like Stella Grant and Will Newman have been practicing social distancing all their lives for the same reason. And not only they should keep a one-meter distance, they strictly have to maintain a six-feet distance apart. Is going for five-feet apart or a just a little closer instead can harm?


Oh Geun-Sae of Parasite

In the hidden basement of the Park family’s home, the housekeeper Gook Moon-Gwang keeps another parasite for years. The housekeeper secretly sneaks in some food to her husband Oh Geun-Sae and let him live there for as long as he can.

Mike Milk of The Belko Experiment

To what they thought was an ordinary day at the office, the employees of the Belko industries got confined in their own office building. Every door was locked and no one is allowed to step out until they were ordered to eliminate one employee after another for them to keep surviving until the end.

Goreng of The Platform

Netflix’s newest horror movie, The Platform introduces a story of confined prisoners in a multi-level pit that either came voluntarily or forced.  As each level shares the same banquet yet almost nothing is left once the platform reaches the lower levels, the film portrays the hierarchy and how inequality is lead by the overconsumption of the ones above.

Kim Min Kyu of I Am Not A Robot

This K-Drama series proved how money can’t solve any problem. Born with a psychological disease of being allergic to human interaction, Kim Min-Kyu, a CEO of their country’s largest financial company isolates himself in his own home. And to avoid interaction with humans, he filled his house with a robotic vacuum cleaner and a humanoid robot. Just like any of us at the moment, whenever he goes out, he makes sure to wear a mask and gloves.

Guinevere Beck of You

We know it’s not just Beck who was confined inside Joe Goldberg’s infamous glass box. Every victim of Joe spent days inside that glass box, including Joe himself. And only if you convince him and agree on such terms will he let you free.

Jimmy Livingston of Bubble Boy

If you’re allergic to almost anything and barely getting through a day, avoiding interaction, take it from Jimmy Livingston who literally lived his life inside a bubble. In spite of this confinement, Jimmy has defied the odds and reaching his goals.