11 Series About Women Empowerment To Binge Watch This Month
11 Series About Women Empowerment To Binge Watch This Women’s Month

11 Series About Women Empowerment To Binge Watch This Women’s Month

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Ladies, gather round and pick the perfect series for you to binge this month.

Women’s Month is here again. That means everyone is making efforts to show women—all shapes and sizes—how beautiful and powerful they are. In celebration of this, we gathered 11 series about women empowerment for the month’s binge-watch list. From fighting everyday battles to political and social injustice, these series will equip you with the right weapons you can carry for your own struggles.

Good Girls

Heist series has never been this good. Imagine three women, all good in their own way, becoming the best (and worst) criminals you’ll ever know. Now on its second season, Good Girls, Christina Hendricks, Retta, and Mae Whitman play the roles of women simply trying to make ends meet. Catch up with its first season here.

Workin’ Moms

What comes after maternity leave? Reality. Workin’ Moms tells the story of a group of friends who have just come out of their maternity leaves. When reality hits, you’ll realize it’s never easy to balance being a mom and a career woman at once. The series first aired in 2017 but is now available on Netflix.

Dirty John

They say experience is the best teacher. As a lot of women still go through relationships fueled by manipulation and abuse, seeing someone else go through the same ordeal might just help someone else wake up to reality. Dirty John recounts the life of Debra Newell throughout her relationship with con-artist and sociopath John Meehan. Watch the series here.


Everyone has a dream and for Ruth, it’s to make it big in Hollywood. Of course, she takes on all the opportunities presented to her, even if it means becoming a professional wrestler. Will GLOW (stands for Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling) be her big break or will it only exploit rather than empower her? Based on the real-life league that introduced women to the world of wrestling, GLOW explores dreams in the craziest ways possible. Watch it all here.

Dear White People

A group of black college students in an Ivy League university discusses modern American race relations on-air. This female-led series will completely open your eyes to casual racism and even shake the sleeping power in you. While waiting for its third season, binge the rest of the series here.

Game of Thrones

Before it’s 8th and final season, Game of Thrones should still be considered one of the best series that empower a lot of women. It’s probably one of the few series about power whose most people’s final bet would be a lady. If you haven’t seen any of it yet, you have about a month to stream 7 seasons of the series here.

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Handmaid’s Tale

Award-winning series, Handmaid’s Tale is based on the book of the same title. In a dystopian setting, fertility rates have dropped due to STDs and pollution. The story follows the Handmaids, a group of fertile women, as they struggle against the power-hungry leaders of the Gilead. The series is available in Amazon Prime Video and HBO Go.

The Good Fight

If you’ve enjoyed The Good Wife then its spinoff will be just as exciting for you. It follows Dianne Lockheart as she joins a preeminent Chicago law firm after a downward spiral from an enormous financial scam. The series is available at CBS All Access and Amazon Prime Video.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

There can’t be anything crazier than a crazy ex-girlfriend. The Emmy-winning series shouldn’t at all be a riddle to you as it chronicles everything an ex would do get her man back. Put your crazy hats on and celebrate how a woman fights all obstacles with a song stuck in her head. Stream it here!

Killing Eve

Who will win in a battle between an MI5 officer and a skilled psychopathic assassin? In this world where the power of women are often put down, the series opens us to all things possible. Witness as this game of cat and mouse turns to obsession here.


Late 1980s New York can’t all be about concrete paradise and the American dream. For a lot of people, wanting to belong can be the ultimate dream. In a place where being different seems wrong, Pose explores the different cultures in NYC—from the Trump-era of luxury to the ball culture world. Stream it here.