11 Best Princess Diana Looks That The Crown Perfectly Executed
11 Best Princess Diana Looks That The Crown Perfectly Executed

11 Best Princess Diana Looks That The Crown Perfectly Executed

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Famed for her iconic dresses and playful sense of fashion, the latest season of The Crown didn’t fail to deliver exemplary remakes of Princess Diana’s memorable looks of all time. 

The Charles and Diana royal saga weighs heavy on the newest season of The Crown. In the first episode of The Netflix original alone, we are already introduced to the lovely young Diana. While her initial meeting with Prince Charles was an attempt at rather covert Shakespearean way, a generous overgrowth of leaves and a mask and all, we already knew it was her judging by her iconic hairdo. In that encounter, it seemed like the late princess easily charmed him, which made us think, no wonder the moment prince charming laid eyes upon her, he was captivated so much—as we all did.

Since Lady Diana has and will always be a style icon, fashion cannot be taken lightly for the producers of the show. They made sure to present all of the memorable looks that she wore during the times we’ve seen her—whether it was in newspapers or television. And we’re glad to admit that upon binge-watching the entire season, we were not disappointed. The looks presented were impeccably executed, and the only thing fabricated about it was the time she donned some of them. So, without further ado, here are 11 looks of Princess Diana that The Crown undoubtedly nailed.

Jumping In Jumpers

The late princess originally wore this light yellow overalls paired with a printed blouse and a bib collar at a polo match at Windsor Great Park. But in the show, it was used during her proper introduction of herself to Prince Charles. Honestly speaking, it’s nice how her fun quirky style was also highlighted.

The Date

This bright yellow two-piece suit dress was initially worn by Lady Diana during her visit to the Bay of Islands in New Zealand in 1983. But in The Crown, she donned a much more muted tone as she went out for a lunch date with Camilla, which signaled that the meet-up wouldn’t go well as the prince hoped for.

The Balmoral Test

The Balmoral Test is the ultimate royal initiation. While there are only a few that have passed the queen’s test, there’s one well-known figure that passed with flying colors: Princess Diana. At the Balmoral castle, Her Majesty is always at her most laid back, hence, outdoor wear is the way to go, which Diana was clearly prepared. In the original photograph, Diana walked with Prince Charles in the countryside in the early ’80s, but in The Crown, we watched her go hunting with her soon-to-be father-in-law.

Sapphire Engagement

The Crown Princess Diana

The iconic sapphire diamond engagement ring—the most expensive amongst the generous options Queen Elizabeth II gave her. On February 24, 1981, Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer posed for engagement photos, in which the soon-to-be royal wore a blue skirt and matching jacket. And in the series, she donned an exact replica of that during the official engagement announcement.

To The 80s

When we saw the high-waisted checked pants Emma Corrin wore as Diana in The Crown, we just said, “Oh, the classic ’80s.” While the princess was originally photographed outside carrying toddler Prince Harry, we like the show’s rendition of this look as the character paired it with white roller skates.

Wedding Of The Century

The Crown Princess Diana

With a global television audience of 750 million, Prince Charles and Princess Diana got married on July 29, 1981. There’s really no forgetting about the iconic photos from the royal wedding, especially the beautiful David and Elizabeth Emanuel white gown the princess wore on her most special day—from the puffed sleeves, lace details, tiara, and of course, the mile-long train.

Ready In Red

Perfect for the holiday season, she wore this polka-dotted red dress at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden to watch the ballet in December 1982. In The Crown, the princess donned a similar look during their royal tour of Tasmania wherein she successfully charmed everyone.

Pretty Pleats

During Diana and Charles’s visit to the Government House in Canberra, Australia, it showed us that the Princess of Wales wore a flowy midi skirt, which was effortlessly chic. But in 1995, she actually opted for a modern rendition by cinching her waist over a pencil skirt, pearl necklace, and a pillbox hat.

Like A Rose

The Crown Princess Diana

Of course, the clothes can’t just be pure replicas of the dresses the late princess wore. So, it was refreshing to see the design department’s own take on her iconic one-shouldered floral evening gown she donned at the Royal Albert Hall. In episode 9 of the series, we saw that she wore this white floral gown in the same silhouette.

Blue Bolt

The Crown Princess Diana

Much like fairytale tells us how a prince and princess would easily take the center of the ballroom, Diana and Charles did just that in a charity ball during their visit to Australia based on the show. It became such a significant scene because it was one of the rarest happy moments in their marriage. And the blue cinched evening dress she wore in the show was actually a replica of what Lady Diana donned at a dinner in New Brunswick.

The Empire State

Finally, in the finale, we were brought along with the Princess of Wales’s first-ever solo trip abroad. As this was her debut, she needed to exude as much royalty she can show to the Americans. So, the production opted to use this cream silk dress teamed with an embellished shrug blazer, which was inspired by what Princess Diana actually wore for a dinner at the Elysee Palace in Paris.