This 1 Year Old Had A Dior Themed Birthday And It Was A Fashion Dream

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Loveluxe Founder, Aimee Hasim, threw her 1 year old daughter, Olivia, a Dior themed birthday party. Can we get adopted now, please?

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On March 8, 2021, Olivia Hashim turned 1 years old in the most extravagant way. The function room for 30 was decked out in flora by Gideon Hermosa and the table settings were filled with designer trinkets. But, what could you expect from a Dior themed birthday party? Aimee Hashim, Luxury Lifestyle Consultant and owner of Loveluxe, gave her daughter every fashion enthusiast’s dream birthday party. “Ever since we found out we were having a baby, I prayed that she’ll be a girl. Even when I was only at 3 months, I already assumed her to be one. So, I bought her 1st bag even before knowing her gender. I’ve also dreamt of and imagined making her, her very own Baby Dior. Her 1st Dior item was a Dior white plushy doll. So, it was automatically a Dior fashion show inspired birthday party that Labelle Fette thought of and suggested to us,” says Aimee.

Despite the absolute success of the birthday party, it wasn’t at all what Aimee and her husband were planning for their child. Because of the restrictions imposed by the government due to the COVID-19 pandemic, their original guest list of 220 was reduced to 30 people. On top of this, they still had to make use of the big venue for booking reasons.

Thus, the party became an intimate gathering in a spacious and socially distanced way. Aimee adds, “I would rather say the most intangible thing we had in the party was being able to be there in the midst of a pandemic. The space was originally intended for 220 people, but with all the precautions we decided to just make it an intimate christening and celebration for 30. The gift of health (everyone tested negative outside) was the most priceless for me.”

But, Aimee didn’t stop there. She did not only give Olivia an amazing party, but she also had a number of gifts for the birthday girl. First off, she gave Olivia her very own Mini Dior Book Tote in Mille Fleures with her name embroidered on the front. Secondly, she was given her own insurance. Lastly, a bank account was opened under Olivia’s name for future use. Talk about a bougie baby!