MEGA Magazine October 2014: Judy Ann Santos

Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo starred in her first major TV series back in the late 80s. In her early teens, she became a familiar name in every household and has since lived her life under local showbiz glare. Today, in her mid 30s, she is not only an actress but also a bi-athlete, a fledging chef, and a mom. We believe she is the perfect example of someone who has learned to transcend time, aging to her advantage.

This month, we put the spotlight on aging-and facing it with the right perspective.

Among the must-reads are our list of the latest beauty services and procedures, enumerating notable preventive, non-invasive and invasive techniques that are great alternatives. We also talk about the latest in health and wellness, as we try out the Paleo Diet, learn about the healing and restorative powers of a proper bath, and figure out our quantified selves via electronic fitness trackers. Our Beauty Editor Trina Epilepsia also tackles a fascinating concept that is currently the buzz word in beauty and wellness today.

Indeed, people have generally learned to stop aging. With all the information and methods at our disposal, there is simply no excuse.


  • Photography: Ronnie Salvacion
  • Art Director: Kit Singson
  • Stylist: Patrick Galang
  • Assistant Stylist: Jef Fronda
  • Hair: Jing Monis
  • Make-Up: Juan Sarte
  • Shot on Location: Tipping Point Collective